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Frequently asked questions

We create cloud native apps and infrastructure for web and mobile platforms. We use agile methods to deliver solutions with ongoing enhancements. We also offer ready-made solutions with advanced monitoring and security tools.

Our team of product and software experts has over 50 years of combined experience. We started our business in 2021.

We combine our in-house expertise with top-notch designers and developers from Europe and Asia to offer a unique boutique service.

YH&H delivers fast and reliable results. We have 4 project categories with different timelines:

  • Simple: 4-8 weeks.
  • Intermediate: 8-16 weeks
  • Advanced: 25+ weeks
  • Super advanced: mutually agreed

We offer a blended solution that combines design, development and testing for your project. Our process is:

  • Research: We analyze the project requirements, features and MVP.
  • Design: We create the UI/UX design based on the MVP and best practices.
  • Development: We code the design and make it functional and responsive.
  • Testing: We verify that the product meets all the requirements and works as expected.

We deliver solutions in agile sprints of 2 weeks each, with ongoing enhancements. We report results after each sprint.

We value client input throughout our design process. We follow these steps:

  • Understand client's vision and needs
  • Define scope of work and MVP features
  • Present financial proposal for approval
  • Start project upon agreement

Our tech stack includes:

  • Mobile apps: React Native, Flutter, Kotlin, Swift
  • Web apps: React, Node, Laravel, Python, PHP
  • Databases: MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Firebase
  • Design tools: Figma, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Adobe XD
  • Operating systems: Linux, Ubuntu, Docker, Containers

To contact YH&H, please:

  • Fill out the form on our website
  • Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook for updates.
  • Communicate your work briefs via email.

The project initiation process consists of the following steps:

  • Gather client's company information and project requirements
  • Draft a business proposal outlining the project scope, timeline and benefits
  • Negotiate the project cost and payment terms with the client
  • Sign NDAs to protect confidential information of both parties
  • Finalize a contract detailing the project deliverables and expectations

The client has the exclusive right to use and modify the code for a project once they have paid the full amount and cleared any outstanding dues.