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We believe that the power of design and software development helps businesses.

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We offer a wide range of design & software development services.

Whether you need a stunning website, a powerful app, or a custom software solution, we can help you achieve your goals.

Mobile Apps Development

We create stunning mobile apps that deliver exceptional user experiences and business value. Whether you need a native, hybrid, or web app, we have the expertise and the tools to make it happen.

Web Apps Development

We create web apps that are fast, secure, and scalable. Whether you need a simple landing page or a complex e-commerce platform, we have the skills and experience to deliver.

Digital Transformations

Digital transformations are not just about adopting new technologies, but also about creating better experiences for your customers, employees and stakeholders. At our company, we offer end-to-end solutions for digital transformation, UX design and software development.

UI/UX Design

We help you create engaging and user-friendly products that meet your business goals and customer needs. Whether you need a website, a mobile app, a dashboard or any other digital solution, we can deliver it with quality and efficiency.

We're a creative and talented team of designers & developers based in Dubai, UAE.

At our company, we combine creativity and talent to deliver innovative solutions for your digital needs. Whether you need a stunning website, a user-friendly app, or a custom software, we have the skills and experience to make it happen. We are based in Dubai, UAE, but we work with clients from all over the world.

By designing agile systems and expertly integrating them into your business, we handle all the technical complexities so you can enjoy the lasting benefits. All our solution are cloud native that will help our clients grow with no limitation and no legacy issues and imitations.

A Simple, yet effective three step process for engagement.


Project Idea

A project description in a project proposal is a brief summary of the goals, the objectives, and the need for the project, just give us the brief and the other steps will be automatically generated by our team


Planning & Execution

Involves creating a strategy for new projects. It's one of the first stages in project management. During this stage, project managers and team members take an initial idea and create a written execution plan.


Launch & Support

Project execution is the phase where project-related processes are implemented, tasks are assigned, and resources are allocated. We'll support you after the project is completed.

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Relationships based on trust.

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"The support is awesome"

YHH delivered a bespoke Platform that met our Technology & Business needs and KPIs on time and budget. They were responsive and made us feel valued as a small startup. We enjoyed working with them and are expanding our development and support contract with them. We highly recommend YHH.

arabee Learning
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"Excellent digital stratagy"

Working with YHH has been a rewarding experience for our company. They have helped us navigate the complex landscape of digital transformation and create a cutting-edge mobile application. Their team is skilled, creative, and professional. We have been working with them for more than a year and we are very satisfied with their services.

Founder - CEO
MPAC Sport
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"I recommend this Studio"

YHH is a top-notch product design and software development studio that offers innovative solutions for various industries. Their experts are passionate, creative, and professional, with a wealth of experience and knowledge. I have worked with them for a year and I highly recommend them for any project that requires quality and excellence.

Arc Solutions
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"Big impact on Funbox website services"

The YHH company helped us in improving our website which really had a big impact on our services as they added a lot of services that made our web site more friendly to our customers. Their service is marked by efficiency and punctuality and flexibility Thank you to all the team

Dr. Fadila
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"A transformative experience for Yspot"

As a start up, partnering with YHH to develop our solution has been a transformative experience. From the outset, their team demonstrated a profound understanding of our vision and objectives. Their expertise and dedication were evident at every stage of the development process. The YHH team seamlessly integrated into our workflow, ensuring that our needs and feedback were consistently prioritized, going above and beyond to support and assist us with any queries outside the scope. Through clear communication, timely delivery, and a genuine commitment to delivering best practice, their innovative approach and technical proficiency enabled us to create a robust, user-friendly unique solution that not only meets our current needs but is scalable for future growth. This partnership has been a key factor in our startup’s journey, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration as we evolve

Ban & Deena
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"Greatly enriched technical support for Sheraa Community"

We are delighted to work with YH&H, which has greatly enriched technical support for our Sheraa community. YH&H has consistently offered innovative solutions tailored to startups' unique needs, providing crucial technical resources for growth and navigating digital challenges. YH&H offers a free 30-minute weekly consultation to our startups at Sheraa HQ and has designed a special discounted package for their services exclusively for Sheraa members. Thank you, YH&H, for your unwavering support

Sheraa HQ